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Welcome to the Crypto Academy!

Broaden the scope of your knowledge around the entire blockchain ecosystem! Every crypto project can be thought of as a pie - some are bigger, some are smaller, some are wholesome, some are salty, etc. Either way, as more pies come onto the table, it can be quite overwhelming to try to stick your finger in every pie!

You may have heard of the phrase “crypto never sleeps” - well, not only is the accuracy of this depicted through the cryptocurrency markets running 24/7/365, but innovative projects are emerging left, right, and center in our global community with work being done constantly around the clock! The diehards are well aware that the future will rely heavily on blockchain technology and are here to push forward on making this as much a reality as possible day after day. Building out systems that are capable of handling such immense load is definitely treading uncharted waters at this point in time. Couple these with financial systems that run non-stop is something unprecedented in our history. We have never seen scalability on these high levels before. New happenings whether good or bad are bound to emerge in such a space.

Every journey starts by taking that first step so let’s get you started on being part of this incredible one! Use the navigation menu or search using the box at the top to discover the Crypto Academy! What are you waiting for?

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