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æternity Glossary

An alphabetical list of terms or concepts found in or relating to the æternity ecosystem with explanations, examples, and interactivity!

More thorough information can be found on æternity’s GitHub repositories as well as on æternity’s forum.

This resource was made with the intention of helping onboard newcomers to the æternity ecosystem. As æternity can be considered a blockchain 3.0 platform, there are many more advanced terminology used not only throughout the entire project, but other third-party projects as well, than compared to other blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 platforms out there. In terms of blockchain 1.0 platforms, as a concrete example, this refers to Bitcoin. As for blockchain 2.0 platforms, a well established example would be Ethereum. Blockchain 3.0 platforms possess advanced features such as oracles and state channels that are native to their protocol.