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Think of æternity as Ethereum, but on steroids! Started in early 2017 and still going strong until today, æternity is a new blockchain offering unlimited scalability & efficiency, alongside oracles, transparent governance, and many more features! æternity takes on a mobile-first approach focusing on intuitive user experiences, which is one of the critical components necessary for mass adoption. Liechtenstein, where æternity is based, is well-known as being one of the most welcoming countries in the world in terms of financial regulations. Developers contributing to the æternity ecosystem work on realizing various innovative concepts using the most cutting edge technology, all while collaborating remotely in a very decentralized fashion, as is the nature of blockchain technology as we know it.

Apart from the ongoing development of countless products, æternity engages in a wide variety of other offline initiatives such as incubating startups through their Starfleet accelerator program as well as hosting local meetups across the globe! All-in-all, æternity is an extremely well-rounded project. Regardless of your level of participation around the entire blockchain ecosystem, you’ll be sure to find numerous ways to get involved with æternity!

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